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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hair to-do

Being chronically dissatisfied with how my hair looks on any given day, I'm extremely sensitive to feedback from others on my hair. The last months have been especially harrowing, since I've gone through a cycle of:

When I started -- at long-ish, around the time the current picture was taken -- I got tired of the ceaseless maintenance. If you do any exercise and are likely to go outside in "weather," curly hair that is more than about four inches long is hard to keep looking groomed and grownup.

Also, I had the mad notion that if I cut it short, I could let the grey grow in and stop coloring my hair. (I somehow avoided recognizing that the final result would be that I'd look like a large, stout, old man with an odd taste in handbags...)

So I went big-time short, and I got good comments on the first version. Encouraged, I went shorter. By the time I hit crazyshort I was getting ambiguous comments like "Oh, do you like it like that?" and "I just loved your hair longer..."

Such feedback sends out danger signs to my psyche, so I decided to change course and go back to at least medium-length bob. Women, you know what that is. Men, don't bother, and why are you reading this, anyway?

How long does it take to get there from crazyshort? How long did it take to excavate AND caulk AND decorate the Panama Canal? How many eons elapsed between someone noticing they had five toes on each foot and base 10 mathematics?

We're about five inches longer than crazyshort now. Still not tangling up my bicycle wheels. No danger of smothering babies I should choose to cuddle.

Predictably, no feedback, either. So, waiting, waiting through that endless in-between place...

In the meantime, I'm cruising the Styling Products aisle of the drugstore. I'm using the blow dryer, flat iron AND airbrush. I am considering hats, and even wore a spangled beret to church and Christmas Eve dinner with my family and NO-ONE SAID ANYTHING! Pretty conclusive proof that I have sunk totally below the fashion radar and it just doesn't matter what the f*** I do with my hair! How interesting to realize that my thoughts on hair styling are about as relevant as the mediaeval monks' obsession with a choice of cowslips or anenomes.

Ok, good to have that settled.