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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bliss -- is that all there is?

I'm coming up to my 66th birthday, so it's likely I've had a bunch of major peak moments, ecstatic experiences and mind-altering drugs to give me a pretty good idea of what "bliss" is all about.

But the fact is, it's not about being high, in love, or at the apex of a career. I had a bliss moment today as I came home from work, and I want to explain how it felt, and what the components were.

Still with me? Maybe once you figured out there wasn't a hot, monkey-sex scene, you tuned out.

Here's what added up to a bliss moment for me at around 6:27 pm Pacific Standard Time today, August 4, 2010.
  • I spent a few hours this morning feeding breakfast to and otherwise entertaining my four-year-old twin grandchildren, Tess and Jack.
  • While with the twins, I was on a conference call with a world-class new client, San Jose Rep.
  • I had a meeting with an important business-development client, and we spent about half the time talking about our favorite British TV programs, especially comedies. "Yes, Minister"? "Vicar of Dibley"? "Blackadder"? Anyone?
  • The awesome team I have -- Jodi, a well-respected journalist and editor, and Jen, a bleeding-edge social media expert -- met with me and our e-marketing partner to move a very complicated proposal forward.It worked! I know what I have to do!
  • I'm coming home to a clean house. Thanks, Robin!
  • My daughter - the mom of twins -- wants to go to a movie with me this weekend.
  • The weather: during my two moments of exposure, about 6 am at 6:35 pm -- it was heavenly... a cloudless sky, light breeze, about 72 degrees F. OMG, San Jose is the place you go when you die if you've been really, really good.
  • I'm going to have steak and a sweet potato for dinner. And maybe a little Martini with extra olives.
So that's what it takes. And you know, I'm totally ok with that.